...Growth through Competence

Beginning with 1990, Maritim Shipyard developed solid reference in realization of diverse shipbuilding projects which established our privately held company firmly as a significant ship fabricator in the maritime cluster.

Over the years, we focused on ship hull building of diverse PSV, AHTS, OCV, Heavy Lift Vessels, offshore and construction pontoons, floating platforms and a Jack-Up Vessel, being prime fabricators of hulls and blocks for german, norwegian, french and dutch contractors. Over the last two decades we delivered in total abt. 100 hulls, reaching its production peak during the boom times of 2004-2008 and fabricating yearly 30.000 tons of steel constructions.

...Shipbuilding and Offshore Project Experience

While putting attention on shipbuilding, our philosophy was to carefully investigate chances in diversifying our production and entering new markets. We took the opportunity of expanding into the market of offshore and civil steel constructions, resulting in delivering recently turn-key projects.

New knowledge acquired through introduction of efficient production standards, tracebility and documentation of welding procedures, ISO certification and last but not least our skilled employees - it is the synergy of all these assets which put us on a quick path to extend our construction possibilities while contributing to achieve an elevated outfitting scope requirements of our new shipbuilding orders.

...Entering new offshore markets

In the challenging market of the maritime sector, we seek for opportunities and over the last two decades established the company as flexible and competitive while following the path of an elevated learning curve and solidifying on technical competence of our skilled Engineers and Project Managers who stricly follow up the quality and schedule during the construction period of each single project.

We think with confidence that our direct approach in problem-solving will match your expectations leading into developing a relationship which lasts and forecasts the construction of your next sophisticated ship, maritime and offshore project at our workshops.

Extensive Scale of Production

Even though the scale of production is extensive, Maritim Shipyard is ready to welcome a new client, since one of our six skidways ( building places ) can quickly be freed for new construction. The shipyard is flexibly organized as the production can be started after steel cutting immediately. From the crew of 700 workers, working on an area of 100.000 m2, an appropriate team can be selected. Almost every delivery date can be accommodated, depending on the availability of documentation. When hull documentation is not ready it can be subcontracted to affiliated companies here in Poland. All quality requirements are always fulfilled and our own quality department stricly enforces the use of all required procedures.

Quick Facts

  • Privately held company with Ltd. legal status, established in 1992.
  • Production of steel hulls, blocks and sections for commercial and offshore vessels.
  • Unification of blocks into hulls on ponton or floating dock.
  • Experience in deliveries for leading german, french, norwegian, american, canadian and dutch clients.
  • Steel building capacity - approx. 25.000 - 30.000 tons per year.
  • Peak output in the years 2004-2007 - approx. 35.000 tons yearly.
  • Key staff with decades of experience in ship newbuilding production, repairs and engineering.
  • Permanent key staff of 240 as of 2009 incl. workers doing prefabrication in workshops.
  • Flexible workforce of approx. 500 welders and fitters trained in-house directly employed at production.
  • In-House welding training shop and qualifications.
  • ISO 9001:2008, DNV, GL, LRS certified.
  • Welding technology certified by SLV and GL.
  • In-House Naval Design & Engineering department.
  • In-House preparation of Work Documentation, workshop drawings.
  • 3x Gas, 1x Oxygen Plasma NC steel cutting machines in main shipbuilding facility.
  • Maximum capacity of steel cutting department - 1000t per week.
  • Construction of complete hulls for vessel`s length up to 190m.
  • 2 Pontoons for Block transportation.
  • 100t gantry crane and 12 smaller gantry cranes on site.
  • Scheuerle 150t multi-wheeler shipyard section transporter.
  • Liebherr 100t auto crane, 90t Gottwald auto crane.

Shipyard Area of 100.000 m2

  • 5 Production skidways at main Gdansk based production plant.
  • Main shipbulding facility located in Gdansk.
  • Voyage Repairs on ships.
  • Fly-in crews for projects.
  • Offshore projects.