IN FOCUS : Ship Repairs at Maritim Shipyard 170m x 31m Dock

Announcement of Keel Laying Ceremony of the new RAINBOW WARRIOR III

Maritim Shipyard running its shipbuilding plant in Gdansk, Poland has been contracted by our German Partner to build the hull of an impressive motor-sailing vessel, which was ordered by Greenpeace. The innovative and custom built vessel will demonstrate how modern shipbuilding technology contributes in saving fossil fuels, using wind energy instead.

The first steel cutting on our Oxygen-Plasma steel cutting machines has been conducted for this project in May 2010. Meanwhile after first prefabrication and sophisticated 3D bending of shell plates, during June and July 2010 the first sections of Rainbow Warrior III are being fabricated at Maritim Shipyard.

The Keel Laying Ceremony marks traditionally the birth of the new vessel as first ready welded sections will be moved from our prefabrication workshops to the assembly location of the vessel on one of our four hull erection slipways. After the ceremony, the production will continue with prefabrication of other sections, and once completed they will join the erected construction on a carefully planned schedule. At the end of the project, the completed hull will be put to water and towed to Germany for final outfitting.

The ceremony will take place in Gdansk at Maritim Shipyard and we are proud to welcome more than 60 international guests on 10th July 2010 at our shipyard.

We are committed to this project as it will not only demonstrate many advanced capabilities of our yard, experienced and efficient craftsmanship of our employees but also certain flexible ability within our company to meet extensive scope of procedural and technological requirements - all which contributes in achieving the expected quality of the distinctively shaped hull of the new Rainbow Warrior III.

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Building No.1682 - outfitted hull of PSV of Havyard 832CD design has been delivered to our Norwegian client in May 2010.

The hull has been completely painted (48.000 m2) and its outfitting level was the highest what we have achieved.

All relevant steel outfitting was installed at Maritim Shipyard as:
- Ladders
- Cable trails
- Railings
- Stairs
- Windows
- Wheelhouse equipment
- All piping systems onboard (over 130 tons total)
- Mooring equipment
- Insulation pins
- various other steel equipment

The PSV Building No.1682 represents our strategy to focus on equipment of hulls as much as our client expects from us. We are able to meet the expectations and requirements.

Beside operating the successful newbuilding activities, Maritim Shipyard expanded since 2004 intensively into the Ship Repair business. Ship Repairs are being done on our own floating dock , located in Gdynia. An experienced team consisting of Ship Repair Contract Manager, Project Manager, Steel Works Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator are assigned to acquire ship repair projects offering quick docking-in/out, and securing the required quality control while offering to ship owners competitive prices for ship repair works such as :
- Painting Works (incl. sandblasting) on hull and in tanks
- Steel plate exchange works,
- Welding works incl. bottom and bow repairs
- Pipe prefabrication in the workshop, pipe welding, installation works
- Machinery exchange and repair
- Equipment exchange and repair
- Pumps, Valves exchange and repair
- Electrical and cable repair
- Class Renewal works

Your are welcome to do your ship repair works at Maritim Shipyard.

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