At Maritim-Shipyard steel cutting is done in the main shipbuilding facility in Gdansk by computer controlled NC steel cutting machines. Both plasma and gas cutting machines are employed. After cutting only minimal edge grinding is required. Welding materials and welding procedures do not deviate from the attention to detail known from western european shipyards. Leading classification societies have approved our production quality with certificates, visiting and inspecting the site. All modern welding technologies are employed - electric arc welding, inert gas welding and gas powder semi-automatic welding of long straight seams. As we developed and expanded the shipyard over the last 15 years, we consequently committed ourselves to Total Quality Management according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Our attention to detail, high productivity and trust-building with clients through steady, reliable deliveries enabled us long term cooperations with leading german and norwegian clients. Of the 700 qualified welders and ship fitters we employ, the majority have been working for years in shipbuilding. They receive recurrent experience at foreign yards as we delegate crews for repair or project works. We put great attention to welding training, which is done at our workshop. Our welding coordinators and engineers have been working in polish and foreign shipyards for decades. The asset we are proud of is our highly experienced workforce of over 800 motivated employees.

The supervision departmentīs task is to check all the newbuildings according to the shipbuilding standard under which the hulls have been contracted to be built. This ensures the client receives the same or better shipbuilding quality as at his homeland. Maritim-Shipyard has an independent quality department, which checks the shipbuilding quality of our works. All works done by sub-contracting companies we do cooperate with is also checked by our own quality inspectors to ensure the same high, steady production quality. As we do care about transparency, supervisors from our clients are usually invited to take part in the coordination and quality assurance process at our shipyard.

We build complete steel hulls, pre-outfitted blocks, sections, naval and offshore steel constructions on technical approval from: