The ship repair branch at Maritim has been established simultanously in 2004. Over the last 5 years we have invested into experienced staff, hired away from the former big polish shipyards and furthermore we established a base of subcontractors ensuring reliable and readily available support from all principals of the ship repair business as steel, painting, machinery, propulsion, outfitting.

Maritim has a sea barge '' Maritim Ltd I Shipyard '' for transport construction, sections and blocks. Dimensions pontoon 80m x 25m x 5m with a capacity of 3,500 T. Pontoon is under the supervision of classification society Polish Register of Shipping.

Maritim Shipyard currently is doing following repairs:

  • Painting and blasting works on hulls and in ballast tanks
  • Class Renewal Works
  • Machinery Repair and exchange Works
  • Exchange of Steel, Pipes

Due to the possibility of employing our own steel building capacity, also more complex works like ship lenghtening can be done. The ship repair branch of Maritim Shipyard is of great focus in our business.

You are welcome to do all your ship repair works at Maritim Shipyard.