Maritim Shipyard operates its main shipbuilding production facility in Gdansk, a city within a maritime cluster in northern Poland. We envision our purpose in continuing the shipbuilding traditions of northern Poland on the Baltic Sea coast, with a permanent key staff of 240 and a flexible, highly qualified workforce of approx. 500 workers. The pre-production, section assembly, steel cutting, shape forming, engineering, warehouses, supervision and quality department reside on the shipyard area of over 100.000 square meters. The head office of company`s executive management, human resources, finance & accounting department as well as the purchasing department resides in an office building about 500m away from the shipyard production facilities.

Besides the main shipyard in Gdansk, we also run a shipbuilding facility in Szczecin, a city about 350km from Gdansk towards the western polish border. Here about 150 workers undertake special projects. In 2005, with 700 employees in production we achieved approx. 33.000 tons of delivered ship constructions.

It's not a coincidence that some of the finest ship fitters, welders and engineers came to work for our company from the former large polish shipyards. While large enterprises struggle to reorganize themselves into competitive shipbuilders, Maritim Shipyard as the largest polish privately held shipyard continues delivieries of hulls, blocks and sections to its finest clients worldwide. That`s what made us successful - productivity, flexibility and undisputable commitment to quality.

Over the years, our shipyard has been expanded and modernized. 8 additional cranes and new equipment as a Scheuerle multi-wheel heavy transporter for section transportation, and a 100t Liebherr auto crane have been acquired, and in 2001 a gantry crane with lifting capacity of 100t has been installed.

The shipyard has been developed to a capable facility with high potential and 800 motivated employees of whose nearly 700 are highly qualified ship fitters and welders.

Our newest investment into the shipyard is a completely new shipbuilding hall with 1 high output Plasma NC steel cutting machine and 3 gas NC steel cutting machines. First steel cutting in the new facility was conducted on July, 1st 2006.

From now on, all steel cutting will be done at this new facility in Gdansk. The target was to centralize steel cutting, reduce unit costs and pave the way for production expansion. The throuput of steel cutting has been increased to 1000 tons / per week, while it now requires less staff. As new, exciting projects await us in the coming years, we are confident that the recent investments, tight schedule planning, attention to quality and further productivity increasements will make the edge in competitiveness to keep shipbuilding remain strong in Poland.